"Full Standards Conversion"


Some programme sources e.g. DVD discs are sometimes available only in foreign formats initially. Other world formats use different colour encoding and frame rate (e.g. 60 frames per second instead of 50 frames per second). Video recorders will not usually tolerate the different frame rate so recording is not possible without full standards conversion. If you only want to view the other video formats then colour conversion as offered by the Original ACE is all you need. However if you want to convert from VCR sources or need to record the converted video then the Advanced Convertor Enhancer is ideal and the ONLY unit to combine Full Standards Conversion with all the Colour Correction features of the original ACE. Perfect for Chipped DVDs.


The ACE fits quite simply between your DVD player or any other video source and your video display and/or recorder and automatically handles conversion between most world standards and many other non-standards such as PAL60 when required, enabling the video to be viewed and recorded properly in full colour. The PAL/SECAM Colour Balance control automatically acts as a NTSC HUE control when necessary to allow you to obtain the correct colour rendering. All other controls act as on the original ACE and allow you full control over the picture quality, colour rendering etc. Simple isn't it!


Please note the ACE Convertor automatically senses the input standards and you only need to set the output standard.
PALBDGHIN (e.g. UK etc.)50Hz4.43MHz
Pseudo PAL60Hz4.43MHz
NTSCM (e.g. USA etc.)60Hz3.58MHz

NOTE:  The ACE Converter gives better video quality than combined VCR Converters which do not have 8Mbit memory. UK customers converting from other standards such as NTSC or SECAM to PAL can record on any UK VCR. Those converting from PAL to NTSC or SECAM need a special VCR since UK VCRs will not usually record NTSC or SECAM. For NTSC the best solution seems to be to buy a VCR from the USA. These are available for well under 100 US dollars so even with import duties etc they are still very cheap. Don't forget you will also need a 110V mains transformer. These are available from Farnell, Order Code 330-4747 for 24.41.

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