"Video to Film Rate Conversion"


When standard TVs are filmed at 24 frames per second (24fps), the standard film rate, normal CRT TVs or Monitors will either flicker or show horizontal bars due to the difference between the scan rates of the TV and film camera. This can only be totally eliminated by synchronising the video image to the film rate. At the same time the video image colour temperature may need correcting to 3200K to match stage lighting. The ACE24 can also be used for simple colour correction of any world video standard without conversion if required for TVs or monitors which do not show flicker. However if you only use displays with no inherent flicker and only need colour correction then the Advanced Convertor Enhancer is ideal and the ONLY unit to combine Full Standards Conversion with all of our usual Colour Correction features.


The ACE24 fits quite simply between your video source and the display. The source can be in any world video standard. The display can be any which will cope with a 24fps vertical scan rate - the ACE24 can deliver output in any world colour standard at 24fps. The film camera is then synchronised to the 24fps video output using standard equipment. If multiple video sources are used then any number of ACE24s can be synchronised together using their 24Hz Sync output and Sync input connections. Full colour correction is available plus an unusually wide range of other useful features. For more details please see the ACE24 Features Page or download the ACE24 User Manual from our Manuals Page. Simple isn't it!


Please note the ACE24 Convertor automatically senses the input standards and you only need to set the output colour standard.
Input FormatVersionFieldsColour
PALBDGHIN (e.g. UK etc.)50Hz4.43MHz
Pseudo PAL60Hz4.43MHz
NTSCM (e.g. USA etc.)60Hz3.58MHz


Video Output can either match the video input for simple colour correction at 525/60, 625/50, PAL/NTSC/SECAM or provide any of the following combinations at 625 line 48 fields per second.

NOTE: Most modern TVs (but not all) will accept 48 Hz field rate without adjustment and many older older TVs can cope if their vertical hold is adjusted. However we cannot guarantee than any particular model will work with 625/48 as line and field times are 4% longer than 625/50.

Output FormatVersion (ALL 625/48)FieldsColour
PALSlow PAL 4.43 - Europe48Hz4.43MHz
Slow PAL 3.5848Hz3.58MHz
NTSCSlow NTSC 3.58 - USA48Hz3.58MHz
Slow NTSC 4.4348Hz4.43MHz

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