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Home Cinema is a term applied to high quality video and audio systems which recreate the realism of the cinema in the comfort of your own home using a variety of video sources. Choice and quality are the key words here. Home Cinema owners often find it necessary to buy programmes in other formats, for example UK customers often find NTSC releases both better and available earlier than PAL releases. It is also often necessary to adjust the video performance for best results and to suit their viewing conditions. Modern TVs have a wide range of controls but even these do not always have adequate flexibility to adjust colour rendering to match all room lighting and viewing situations.


Both ACEs fit quite simply between your video playback device and your video display, whether it be normal or projection TV and/or your VCR. ACE Convertor can change the video standard. Both ACEs have a wide variety of facilities which give you unparalleled control over your video. If you have not already done so, we recommend that you print and read the sections describing The Original ACE Controls, and ACE Convertor Controls where all facilities are covered in detail. The Standards Conversion, White Balance, Colour Balance and Colour Shift controls are worth studying in particular. We are sure you will agree that both ACEs have the widest range of features available at anywhere near the price. Simple isn't it!

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