"Colour Droop"


Colour Droop is the effect seen on video tapes where colours seem to drop below their correct places and "droop" into adjacent areas, leaving the top of strongly coloured areas often colourless and non-coloured areas below strongly coloured ones tinted at the top. This is especially noticeable on strong reds but normally occurs on all colours equally, being simply more obvious on reds and to a lesser extent on blues.


There are two main reasons for colour droop. The first problem is that normal PAL and SECAM colour decoders use delay lines for optimum colour accuracy with the inevitable effect of some small colour droop (theoretically one half of a TV line). Secondly many video recorders use delay lines in an attempt to improve performance and reduce colour noise but again with the same effect. Both uses of delay lines are a deliberate compromise to give you the best overall quality and individually these effects are usually acceptable but when combined, e.g. by several generations of copying, the colour droop becomes very obvious and annoying. In fact even single generation copies of broadcast material can show noticeable colour droop!


This is where one of the ACE's clever features comes in. The ACE can move the colour up the screen by up to 3 lines so that you can line up the colour part of the picture with the brightnesss (black and white) part of the picture. This is done with the "COLOUR SHIFT ^" button. When the colour is correctly aligned it looks much sharper and the picture looks much cleaner. Simple isn't it!

This feature alone is enough to persuade many of our customers to buy the ACE - even those with computer editing systems who find it the ideal solution for correcting colour droop in any non-digital camcorder sources and on their final VHS copy.

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