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Computer Editing or Non-Linear Editing makes use of the processing power of modern computers to allow you to edit your final production using video captured from your camcorder, via a PC video capture card, on to your computer's hard disc. Benefits include a very wide range of effects, titles etc., plus the ability to fade and wipe between two or more video sources without the need for several video recorders and video synchronisers. All you need is your camcorder, the PC hardware and software and a VCR for the final copy. That is until you realise some of the speed limitations in correcting faults in your video and maybe even capture problems on old tapes!


Both ACEs allow correction of all parameters, including White Balance, Colour Balance and the normal Saturation, Contrast and Brightness, in Real Time. This can save many hours of computer processing, allowing you to make continuous adjustment of settings during capture. In contrast, computer systems can often only apply one set of adjustments for each block of video and you cannot see the result until all the processing is complete. You could have to repeat this all over again if your decision was made on some non-typical section of the video, or if conditions changed during the section in question. The ability to make continuous adjustment for optimum results, plus Real Time processing, provides an enormous increase in your productivity.  The Horizontal and Vertical Colour Shift can be used to minimise Colour Bleed or Colour Droop effects during the final copy of computer master to VCR, thus ensuring a faithful copy of your digital master.

ACE Converter is also a full frame digital Timebase Corrector which will totally eliminate any audio sync problems due to field dropping on old or damaged VHS tapes during video capture to a PC. Simple isn't it!

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