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White Balance Correction | Colour Bleed Correction
Sepia Effect | Video Invert | Colour Invert | Digitise Effect | Widescreen Effect


Picture which is Too Warm. File Size 10k<1a------1b>Picture with White Balance corrected. File Size 12k
Picture 1a, taken in the evening, is too warm and has a yellow tinge from the setting sun.
Picture 1b is the result after white balance correction and contrast adjustment to match other daytime material.


Picture with bad Colour Bleed. File Size 8k<2a------2b>Picture with Colour Bleed corrected. File Size 9k
Picture 2a has marked colour bleed due to poor colour processing. Note how messy and unclear it looks.
Picture 2b is the result after shifting the colour left to align it correctly. Note how much sharper it all looks.


Original Colour Picture. File Size 16k<3a------3b>Picture converted to Sepia Tone. File Size 10k
Picture 3a is again the original and has the correct colour balance this time, but:
Picture 3b shows conversion to a sepia effect with saturation reduced to zero.


Original Picture. File Size 17k<4a------4b>Picture with Video Inverted. File Size 18k
Picture 4a is the original picture as taken.
Picture 4b shows Video Inverted but Colour Normal. This gives a pleasing but spooky effect.


Original Picture. File Size 17k<5a------5b>Picture with Colour Inverted. File Size 18k
Picture 5a is the original picture again.
Picture 5b shows Colour Inverted but Video Normal. This gives an out of this world effect.
This effect is an ideal tool for creating space monsters out of normal people!

DIGITISE EFFECT (Not Available on ACE24)

Original Picture. File Size 17k<6a------6b>Picture with Digitise Effect. File Size 22k
Picture 6a is the original picture again.
Picture 6b shows the effect of the digitise control just above its central position.


Original Picture. File Size 14k<7a------7b>Picture with Widescreen Effect. File Size 12k
Picture 7a is the original picture as taken.
Picture 7b shows the top and bottom cropped, using the wipes in manual mode, to create a widescreen effect.

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