"Linear Editing"


Linear Editing is the standard process used successfully for many years where you copy parts of your video source material from your camcorder to a VCR to build up your final programme. The minimum equipment required is your camcorder and a video recorder and your finger on the record pause button! From this simple beginning many people choose to add various other pieces of equipment to add effects such as titles or to automate the editing process etc. For those who want to improve their productions with the minimum amount of equipment the "ACE" can provide all that is required to improve quality and add some simple transitions such as wipes and fades between the sections of your video.


The ACE fits quite simply between your camcorder and your video recorder during the editing process. As well as offering the standard Saturation, Contrast, Brightness and Sharpness controls available on many of the cheaper video processors, the ACE also has a wide variety of other facilities which give you much more control over your video. If you have not already done so, we recommend you print and read the section describing The Wide Range of Controls, where all facilities are covered in detail. We are sure you will agree that the ACE has the widest range of features available at anywhere near the price. Simple isn't it!

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