"NTSC to PAL Conversion"


NTSC is the American TV standard. DVD discs are sometimes available only in this format initially, before release in Europe. American NTSC uses different colour encoding and frame rate (60 frames per second instead of 50 frames per second).
However, many TVs will cope with the difference in frame rate and display NTSC with a stable picture but without colour.
To view NTSC video in colour it is then only necessary to convert the colour from NTSC to PAL without changing frame rate. Colour conversion as offered by the Original ACE is then sufficient. (Please note that both ACEs work with Chipped DVDs.)
Video recorders will not usually tolerate the different frame rate so recording is not possible without full standards conversion. In this case or if your TV does not show a stable picture with NTSC then you need our new Full World Standards Convertor.


The ACE fits quite simply between your DVD player and your video display and automatically handles conversion of NTSC colour to PAL colour when required, enabling the discs to be viewed properly in full colour. PAL discs will still play correctly.  The Colour Balance control automatically acts as a NTSC HUE control to allow you to obtain the correct colour rendering.
All other controls act as normal and allow you to control the picture in the usual way. Simple isn't it!

NOTE: The sophisticated technology used in the Original ACE gives excellent quality conversion on stable sources such as analogue or digital broadcast, Laserdisc, DVD or Digital Camcorders with performance and facilities far beyond that offered by analogue converters. For VCR sources or if you wish to record converted video then our Full World Standards Convertor should be used. This is the most flexible unit available on the market with full colour correction at Only 299.95 in the UK!

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