NTSC Version of the Original ACE


The NTSC Version of the Original ACE is identical to the PAL Version except for the change in Color TV Standard and the substitution of a HUE control in place of the Colour Balance control. Since the effect, from a users point of view, is very similar this version of the Original ACE has the same labelling but purchasers in these countries are made aware of this difference.


The NTSC Version of the ACE is of course designed to operate on 525 lines and 60Hz field rate and to meet all relevant US, Canadian and similar broadcast standards and to give an NTSC video output. Though the Original ACE can perform colour standard conversion from a variety of input colour standards it is only designed to give out one type of colour standard, so it is vital that you check and order the correct version for your area.  Please note: Only the Original ACE has different versions.

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