Power Supply Details for All Countries


Wherever the UK power supply is not provided or not suitable purchasers should buy a standard power supply as specified below from their local electronics store. However a suitable supply may already be available as the type required is a standard 9V unit often used to power items in place of a battery. Please check before use that any supply used fully meets the requirements given below (and as specified above the ACE Power socket and on the back page of the ACE user manual).

The Power Supply must provide 9V AC or DC at 600mA Minimum to 1Amp Maximum.
(The Power Supply for Units Supplied Before December 2004 can be 500mA Minimum.)
It must meet local safety standards, be short circuit protected and ideally regulated if DC.
It must be fully isolated and not used to power anything else at the same time as the ACE.
It should have a standard 2.1mm * 5.5mm * 12mm plug. Power polarity is not important.

For those wishing to use existing supplies it should be noted in addition to the above that Supply Voltage must also be limited to an actual on load maximum value of 10V AC or 12V DC. Since unregulated supplies often give out higher voltages than specified this means in practice that AC transformer ratings should not exceed 9V AC and unregulated DC supplies should not exceed a rating of 10V DC. Supplies rated at up to 12V DC can be used ONLY if the supply is regulated OR if the supply has a continuous current rating of no more than 600mA.

Please note that the 12V maximum DC supply rating does not allow for direct connection to a 12V vehicle battery as these are charged to around 14.4V. Vehicle applications require the use of a fully isolated supply regulator meeting the above maximum voltage and current requirements.


Please note that the ACE Converter will remove all forms of copy protection. This is permitted under the act because this is a side-effect and not the designed purpose of the ACE. However we do not condone breaking of copyright and as the act makes it illegal for us to sell to anyone for this purpose we will refuse any order where we believe this to be the intention. See H.R.2281 Sec. 1201. Circumvention of copyright protection systems (and similar EEC rulings):

(2) No person shall manufacture, import, offer to the public, provide, or otherwise traffic in any technology, product, service, device, component, or part thereof, that--
`(A) is primarily designed or produced for the purpose of circumventing a technological measure that effectively controls access to a work protected under this title;
`(B) has only limited commercially significant purpose or use other than to circumvent a technological measure that effectively controls access to a work protected under this title; or
`(C) is marketed by that person or another acting in concert with that person with that person's knowledge for use in circumventing a technological measure that effectively controls access to a work protected under this title.

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