"Burst, Sync & Blanking Regeneration"


Regeneration of the Colour Burst, Sync and Blanking means that both ACEs automatically replace all but the visible parts of the video signal. The Colour Burst is at the start of every line and is needed for the correct display of colours. The Sync Pulses control the TV's vertical and horizontal scanning. The Blanking covers all the remaining non-visible parts of the video signal.

Note: The Original ACE gives full regeneration but ACE Converter is a full frame digital Timebase Corrector so will also retime the video.


This regeneration can help to stabilise pictures, especially after several generations of copying when these important parts of the signal can be severely degraded. ACE users have reported significant improvements to, or total elimination of, picture jumping. The specially sophisticated regeneration in the ACEs makes possible the copying of video which defeats other simpler copy enhancers.

ACE Convertor with its full frame digital timebase corrector is ideal for those more difficult cases including capturing of old or damaged VHS recordings. This also eliminates all audio sync problems with any PC capture card or DVD Recorder. Simple isn't it!

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