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Both Original ACE and ACE Convertor are the result of 35 years experience in the Consumer and Professional Video markets. They are probably the best specified units of their kind on the market today and offer unbeatable value for money. They combine for the first time the three most commonly requested and essential features for the discerning professional - White Balance Correction, Horizontal Colour Shift to cure Colour Bleed, Vertical Colour Shift to cure Colour Droop.

The Red/Green/Blue White Balance controls, it is worth noting, allow full correction of white balance AND also correct the relative strengths of saturated colours, unlike some consumer colour corrector units. This is very important since errors in white balance do not only affect white and light parts of the picture but, for example, if the light is deficient in blue then saturated blues will be weak. The ACE will correct this fault.

A Colour Balance control is also fitted and is essential for correcting the colour balance faults which remain after White Balance has been corrected. This is particularly valuable for correcting the colour of skin tone, or for matching the colours from two camcorders which are NOT always corrected by White Balance alone. (Replaced by HUE Control in NTSC Version)

Horizontal Colour Shift allows you to eliminate colour bleed and Vertical Colour Shift eliminates colour droop, both often found after multiple generation copying. The difference these controls can make to your video, especially to bright colours, has to be seen to be believed. If colours look blurred or misplaced on your copies these features alone will justify your purchase.

Both ACEs are very versatile. These colour correction controls have been combined with whole host of other video AND audio features, as can be seen from the separate detailed descriptions of the Original ACE Controls, ACE Convertor Controls and Specifications. However, despite their comprehensive features, ACEs are remarkably easy to use with simple independent controls for all functions - no need to work your way through menus - just a touch on the required control is all that is needed.

Without protection the wide range of adjustment available in the Contrast, Brightness and Saturation controls could generate video levels with peak white too high, causing buzzing of the sound, or black level so low that it interferes with the Sync pulses. However the ACE automatically limits these peak levels without any smearing and so prevents problems further down the line which might result in poor reproduction on your final copy.


No expense has been spared wherever it counts, to provide a product with a long trouble free life expectancy. The high quality injection moulded case has aluminium facia panels for strength and durability combined with light weight. The panels are covered with scratch resistant polyester with printing on the reverse to ensure that the ACE can be used repeatedly for many years with no chance that the lettering will rub off, unlike units using simple screen printing. Even the connector panel at the back of the unit has received the same attention!

The ACE is microprocessor controlled and employs the latest high level of integration, including the use of a FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array). This device handles all the special effects and combines the highest level of functionality with the minimum number of chips to ensure the best possible reliability.


GTH Electronics is dedicated to producing products to the highest possible quality, designed to meet your requirements. As a travel video producer we have a very good understanding of many of your requirements but are always pleased to listen and learn. Please don't hesitate to ask for more information or assistance.

We look forward to your order and promise our total commitment and dedication to your service.


The Original ACE was reviewed in Video Camera magazine, Sep 1997 where Rick Maybury gave it their "Best Buy" award. He was evidently quite taken with it "The number and range of adjustments and effects far exceeds any other video processor in the same price bracket, and puts quite a few dearer models to shame".

The Original ACE was also reviewed in Camcorder User magazine, Jan 1998 where Adrian Justins gave it their "GOLD" award. We quote from his review: "..there are not many standalone processors on the market dedicated to improving videos in such a sophisticated way as the Advanced Colour Enhancer (ACE).."

The Original ACE was once more reviewed in Computer Video magazine, Jan 1999 where Chris Jenkins gave it their "RECOMMENDED" award. We quote from his review: "Whether you are digitising video into your PC, or outputting to tape, it's much easier to use this sort of box to do picture correction than it is to do it in software and accumulate rendering time."

The ACE Convertor was reviewed in What Camcorder magazine, Feb 2001 where Martin Pipe gave it their "VERDICT 10/10" award. We quote from his review: "In terms of standards conversion, the ACE blows everything else out of the water - including a Far Eastern PAL/NTSC unit which sells for over twice the price."

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