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ACE Converter Reviews:
What Camcorder (February 2001)
Electronics & Beyond (March 2001)
What Video & TV (May 2001)
What Satellite (August 2001)
Computer Video (June 2002)
Digital Media World (Australia, October 2002)
Institute of Videography FOCUS (May 2003)
Original ACE Reviews:
Video Camera (September 1997)
Camcorder User (January 1998)
Computer Video (January 1999)
Kelly Priest (USA)
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ACE Convertor Features List
ACE24 Video to Film Converter Features
Explanation of Full Standards Conversion
Explanation of Video to Film Conversion
Video Zoom / Aspect Ratio Conversion
Special Versions currently available
ACE Controls, Connections & Specifications:
ACE Converter Front Panel and Controls
ACE24 Converter Front Panel and Controls
Original ACE Front Panel and Controls
ACE Back Panel and Specifications
ACE24 Back Panel and Specifications
Examples of ACE Effects
Explanation of Sync Regeneration ACE Quality Design
Explanations of Video Faults and Their Cures:
White Balance
Colour Bleed
Colour Droop
Explanations of the Relevance of the ACE to:
Linear Editing
Computer Editing
Home Cinema
PAL Version of Original ACE:
PAL Feature List
Explanation of NTSC to PAL Conversion
Explanation of SECAM to PAL Conversion
NTSC Version of Original ACE:
NTSC Feature List
Explanation of PAL to NTSC Conversion
Explanation of SECAM to NTSC Conversion
SECAM Version of Original ACE:
SECAM Feature List
Explanation of PAL to SECAM Conversion
Explanation of NTSC to SECAM Conversion
Original ACE Version Differences:
SECAM Version of Original ACE
NTSC Version of Original ACE
Power Supply Specifications for All Countries

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